CIAv Designs, Installs & Services Professional
Audio, Video & Lighting Systems.






At CIAv we understand what it takes to engineer and install a quality sound system.

Our audio experts design audio systems for stadiums, auditoriums,
meeting spaces and Houses of Worship.

Our sound designers are trained to understand how sound systems interact with large rooms, why feedback occurs, and what causes unintelligible speech and music.

When you work with CIAv your new sound system will be tailored specifically to
create the optimum performance in your space.




Video has endless ways of being captured, distributed and scaled to your preferences. Our CIAv professionals will guide you through the selection process of determining the correct components necessary for your video needs.

Important factors in the process include: switching and control of the video sources; making the system easy to operate, video conferencing, image magnification, recording, and ambient light concerns


Professional Lighting


Professional lighting is the key to adding more life to any stage or venue. LED fixtures are commonplace because of their energy efficiency, low heat transfer,
and vibrant color palette.

An effective lighting system installed by CIAv will demand attention, influence the mood and set the scene for your presentation or event.


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